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December 31, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

Image of God Image Image of God CD by Christa Wells and Nicole Witt ~ recorded by Jared Fox and Ben Phillips

Happy New Year everybody! As 2011 comes to a close it's hard for me not to reflect a bit on what an amazing year this has been! This year has been blessing after blessing. In the beginning of December I decided to blog about things I was grateful for. I met a bunch of inspiring women bloggers and authors in October at the Relevant Conference. They somehow come up with informative, concise, creative things to say everyday. They all encouraged me to try it out. It has been a great exercise for me!!

I decided the best way to wrap 2011 up would be a photo journal of this year. There are several highlights included although this just barely skims the surface really. I want to thank all of the listeners, music lovers, and fans out there that have come to my concerts, bought my music and encouraged me with emails and personal notes. YOU are the reason I do what I do. I am forever grateful to you. I want to thank my family and friends for another amazing year together. I love all of you and am so glad that you are in my life. Finally thank you God for the amazing life you have given me and for sending your son. I can't wait for the unveiling of 2012. God Bless everybody!!


1.) My dad's Birthday 2.) 30A Songwriting Festival, Rosemary Beach Townhall. Me, Joe Leathers, Bryan Davis and Ben Glover


1.) RPM Nights ~ Me and Fred Wilhelm 2.)  CRS  ( Country Radio Seminar)  Curb recording artist Ashley Gearing debuted her new single called "Five More Minutes" that Tiffany Goss and I cowrote with her.  ~ Tiffany Goss, Ashley Gearing and me


1.) I got an IPHONE and discovered Hipstamatic Prints ~ My music room, Brentwood, TN 2.) Spring Break: We went to French Lick, IN. ~ There are still cowgirls.


1.)  ACM's  ( Academy of Country Music Awards)  - We went to Vegas for the ACM's this year.  ~ Curb Recording Artist Ashley Gearing, me and Allison ( Ashley's mama) 2.) Happy Birthday to me and my bro ~ my nephew, my brother and me
3.) Playing Atlanta's Dogwood Festival with Granville Automatic  


1.) The Edmondson Talent Show ~ Natalie 4th grade. 2)  Chattanooga Market Opening Day
3) Family Trip to Destin  


1.) Image of God retreat in NC ~ me, Christa Wells & Ann Voskamp 2.) Chattanooga Riverbend Festival
3.) Atlanta tour with Granville Automatic ~ The world famous Eddie's Attic with Vanessa Olivarez and Elizabeth Elkins 4.) Chukkar Farms ~ July 2nd What a great night!!


1.) July 4th smoke bombs... 2.) Escape Alley in Memphis ~ with Granville Automatic


1.) Toby's ( aka Mr. Burns) 14th birthday...


1.) Joel and I at the IBMA's( International Bluegrass Music Awards) ~ Nashville TN 2.) IBMA's ( International Bluegrass Music Awards) at the Historic Ryman Auditorium Sept 29, 2011. We won Song of The Year for "Trains I Missed" Walt Wilkins/Gilles Godard/Nicole Witt ~ Balsam Range ( With Dan Hayes - President of IBMA's and Mark Mason of BMI)


1.) Life in the Vine Women's Retreat in Abington VA ~ Photo by Linda Coffey. 2.) Vanessa Olivarez of Granville Automatic and I getting ready to play at the World Cafe in Philly Pa.  ~ Yet another photo of us doing "Don't Cry For Me Argentina"...not sure how this started.
3.)  The Living Room in NYC with Granville Automatic  ~ Vanessa Olivarez, me and Elizabeth Elkins 4.)  The Relevant Conference in Harrisburg Pa. with Christa Wells


1.) Music City Roots ~ Nashville TN with Kim Jameson, Lindsay Hayes, me and Sabrina Blanton. 2.) First Reformed Church of Sully IA ~ Amanda, Laureen, me, Stephanie & Stacey
3.) Signing day!! Brentwood Benson/Universal. ~ at BMI Nashville with John Andrade, Dale Matthews, Eric Hurt, Stacey Wilbur  
December 30, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

1.) Blueberry pies

Blueberry Pie

2.) A blue suitcase

Blue Suitcase

3.) Mama's blue dress

Blue Dress

4.) A new blue button at the top of my website for Mama's Blue Dress

December 29, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. Reviews: Christa Wells and I just recorded a new worship EP "Image ogf God". Some reviews have started coming in. A couple of extremely talented and sweet bloggers that we met at the Relevant Conference this year have picked up the EP and blogged about it. See below:

    Heather MacFadyen :
    Krissie Camealy :

  2. More Reviews: New Release by Kevin Davis

Everybody thank you so much for the kind words!!

December 28, 2011

Tonight Watch "Image of God" Live on USTREAM!

Tonight Nicole and Chrsta Wells will be performing live via USTREAM the new EP "Image of God"!!! The show starts at 9:00 PM Central/10:00 PM Eastern.

You will need to register an account at for the ability to chat.

You can get more details and watch the show on The Official Nicole Witt Fan Club Visit Now to find out.

See You Tonight!

December 28, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. The Next Door: Tonight will be my second trip down to the Next Door in the month of December. My good friend Christa Wells is in town so we are both going to go sing a bit and hang. These ladies are awesome. If you are interested please read:

    The Next Door is a six month residential transitional living program located in downtown Nashville, Tennessee that provides recovery support services for women with an addiction to alcohol and drugs. The program receives applicants by referral from local jails/prisons, inpatient alcohol/drug treatment facilities, community mental health agencies, homeless shelters and other agencies who serve co-occurring clients. Potential residents must complete an application form and be interviewed before being accepted into The Next Door.

    While at The Next Door, residents will have weekly case management, assistance with job placement through in-house Workforce Development staff, recovery support services for their addiction, relapse prevention planning, mentoring services, individual counseling and access to Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner services if needed.

    After completion of The Next Door program, women will have the opportunity to receive support through The Next Door’s Lifetime Recovery Management Program where they may meet regularly with other previous residents for educational and community activities.

  2. USTREAM Christa Wells and I are going to be live tonight at 9pm on USTREAM to debut our new worship EP. It will be VERY casual. We are excited to share this new music with you and hope that you can tune in tonight. (Check the post above for instructions.)

  3. My hairstylist Kim Clo. I met Kim about 10 years ago through a songwriting buddy of mine. She's not only a FANTASTIC hair stylist BUT is also a friend, a music promoter, counselor... you name it she does it and IS it. If you don't know her and you live in the Nashville area go see Kim Clo My roots have gotten so bad I've been wearing a hat for 2 weeks. Just saying... Going to see Kimmie today!! Horray!!
December 27, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. The official release of the new EP Image of God ~ Nicole Witt and Christa Wells.

    Image of God EP CD Cover

    You can now order this online here! Click The Artist page for a listen. You can download individual songs or buy the whole EP.
December 26, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. The day after Christmas: I always get a little depressed and lazy right after Christmas. The presents have been unwrapped, the eggnog is all gone, my pants are tighter, there just seems to be kind of a loneliness or a feeling of "I Don't Know What To Do With Myself Today". A lot of people are still off work. It's just a weird day. I think we all build so much into the actual "Christmas Day" and forget that the reason for the season is here with us present EVERYDAY. He is not concerned at all with a Happy Birthday celebration. He just wants us to have a real relationship with him.

  2. Board Games: I love playing board games with my kids. I guess it might be a bit old fashioned but dad always gets the girls one board game for Christmas. You can imagine how many games we have in the closet now. YIKES! But we love to put on a fire and some music and play board games in the evening.
December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.
John 3:16

December 24, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. I LOVE Christmas Eve with my family. We went to the 5pm service tonight. My 1 year old nephew thought he should crawl on all 4's down the aisle as some kind of "Operation: Flee From My Parents". He is so cute. He just could not sit still. Ants in his pants I guess. Aunt Nicole held him for a couple of hymns where he proceeded to eat the bulletin. I love that little guy. Special Times!

  2. The feast that my sis-in-law prepared for us for dinner. Italian Ham Panini sandwiches with clam chowder. Oh. Yea. Can I get an AMEN!

  3. The full on glee and wonderment (is wonderment a REAL word? I guess I don't care all that much since I just used it) that shines in my kiddos eyes. They are SO excited on Christmas EVE. They can't sleep. They can't wait to wake up and run downstairs and rip into all the gifts. For me THAT sort of joy comes from knowing just how MUCH God loves me. I am blessed. I feel like I get to Unwrap Jesus every year. The End.
December 23, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. Christmas cookies. We went over to my mom's house today and decorated Christmas sugar cookies. It's a law. You can't have Christmas without Christmas cookies. I think I had 6... I know, not good.

  2. Last minute shopping. Okay I really am not ALL that thankful for this, BUT I making myself type this. Some things you have to work on being grateful for. You just have to practice saying these things out loud. Like "Today I am so grateful that I got to wake up at 6am get into my warm car, carry a hot cup of coffee into the store and buy a couple more gifts for the 2 little girls that I love more than anything on the earth. Okay I take a breath. It seems to be better. I guess the 6am thing is not fun, nor the traffic, nor the crabby people at the mall that don't want to be there that early BUT I would throw myself in front of a bus for these girls AND I am so GRATEFUL to be their mother SO...I am grateful for Last minute shopping.
December 22, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

My new publishing company. November 30, 2011 I signed an exclusive copublishing deal with Brentwood Benson/Universal. I am SO excited about this. This company is amazing and I look SO forward to 2012!!

December 21, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. Image of God's 5 Star Reveiw!

Click here to read the reveiw.

December 20, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. Christmas 2011 I think it is finally starting to hit me that a new Christmas season is here. Someone asked me Sunday if I was ready. I guess I AM ready with all the trivial gifts and trimmings. My heart just needs to catch up. It will, I just need to be QUIET enough to HEAR.

  2. Ornament/cookie parties. LOVE spending time with friends and family doing something really old fashioned and slow. SLOW. SLOW.... SLOW DOWN... Breathe...

  3. Working out. I love to be physical. I was born with enough energy for 14 people. If I don't run it off everyday I actually start getting on my own nerves. With all of these Christmas parties I'll be needing to put some extra time in at the gym!!
December 19, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. 138 5th graders at JBiz Town today. I was an adult volunteer today at Junior Achievement. The kids had to run their own businesses and town. It was a great learning experience for everyone. I heard one 10 year old say, "You know...I have always wanted to go to work and get a job. I think I'm good for awhile." Ahhhhaaaaa the real world.

  2. Charlie Brown Christmas show. It was DVR'd. I LOVE watching Christmas cartoons. I'm hoping that is not a reflection on my maturity level. If you know me just don't answer that...

  3. House Concerts/CD release parties! YAY! Christa Wells, a frequent collaborator and fellow touring buddy, and myself just got out of the studio with a new worship EP called "Image of God". It was recorded by Jared Fox ( Andrew Ripp and City Harmonic). We are having a house concert/live webcast/CD release party next Thursday night Dec 29th at 7pm. It will be live on USTREAM. We will post the USTREAM info soon!!!
December 18, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. 3 hour naps - A late night Christmas party the night before and 4 church services=dead.

  2. Getting Christmas cards in the mail - I know...not green. I know... a lot of extra time that none of us have. I know...gosh we haven't seen or talked to those people in 5 years should we still send them a card. The answer is YES. This is such a treat to receive a card with a picture of little Jimmy missing 14 teeth now. It helps me reconnect. It helps me find joy. It helps me see the beauty in the passage of time. PLEASE SEND ME A CHRISTMAS CARD. They are strung along the kitchen counter.

  3. Late night Target runs. It's now open till 11pm for Christmas. Why do I like Target so much?
December 17, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. Mama's Blue Dress...Stay Tuned.

  2. The Neighborhood Christmas Party I live in the coolest neighborhood in TN. We have lived here for 6 years now and don't have any plans on leaving. The people are just great! Neighbors that you can go over and borrow one egg or coffee when you run out. The kind of neighbors that see you every now and then walking your dog in the backyard in your bathrobe and slippers. The kind of neighbors that will watch your kids when you're running 10 minutes late and the bus is due. Sat night was an old fashioned progressive dinner. 3 Houses making merry. YES

  3. Playing violin in the worship band. I just love it. The end.
December 16, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. Christmas breakfast with 3 friends. Cyn, Sabrina and Stacey. Love you guys. You make the music business fun.

  2. Massages. Okay so it was my mom's birthday on Wed. She doesn't know this but today she is going to get an "in home" surprise massage. My mom works long hours and is on her feet all day. She deserves to be pampered a bit... Okay I may get a little 30 min. relaxation massage myself. It does the body good.

  3. The City House. Oh great people of Nashville...If you have not eaten at the City House not walk to dinner there. It is fantastico!!! We are taking my mama there tonight. Italian. I. Can. Taste. It. Already. Ciao
December 15, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. The women at the Next Door. The Next Door is a facility that helps women that are transitioning from prison or Drug rehab back into life. These women ALL have been through so many horrible life events. Some caused by others...some brought on by themselves. We went down there last night and ate dinner with them. Some lasagna, carol singing and a prayer for God to transform us all in 2012.

  2. The sun. Okay so it was 67 degrees and sunny yesterday here in Nashville. You. Can. Not. Beat. That. With. A. Stick.

  3. The studio and Ben Phillips. Tonight I recorded a new song with 3 girlfriends and Ben Phillips. Ben is not only one of the best drummers out there, awesome producer, but also a good sport. 4 Loud crazy women recording a song on a Thursday night was probably not his idea of a party. Still he was a good sport.

  4. Granville Automatic This is an Americana duo that I have done several tour dates with in 2011. They write historical songs and will be the "artists in residency" for the month of January in Rosemary Beach Fl. They'll be writing and recording a whole record of Civil War songs. I think a cool tour of Civil War battlefields might be up for 2012 or 2013. These girls are super talented.
December 14, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. Cynthia Joyce Myers Morse. Happy Birthday to the woman who gave me life AND taught me how to live. She is my best friend. Looking back, she made so many sacrifices for me and my brother it's silly. One day... I will learn how to cook like her.

  2. I can't bring up my mom and not mention her mom. Mary Myers. My grandma. She passed on 13 years ago this month. She was awesome. I have SO many great memories of her and my grandpa growing up. I miss them both every day.

  3. IPHONE People, I know that being grateful for an IPHONE...something so material and really unimportant is very trivial of me. Even so, I will forge on. This stupid phone is probably going to just attach itself to my hand one day soon. Since I am not a very organized person and seem to have problems remembering where I am to be next, I have my entire life on that thing. I am now in the habit of setting alarms on myself for meetings and events so that I do. not. miss. them.
December 13, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. Ryan Pittman.  I have never met Ryan Pittman but I want to.  I saw this video on Sunday and I am still completely undone.
December 12, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

Dec 11th & 12th "Image of God" my first collaborative recording project with my friend and musical conspirator Christa Wells. :)

All 5 original songs were written from a place of confession, petition and worship... our hope is they will lead you there, as well.

 Image of God Cover

The official CD release for shipping is set for December 27, 2011 - Visit "The Artist" page for a listen.

December 10, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. Christmas lights. Okay I know I mentioned Christmas lights already BUT we drove by Dr. Huff's house last night. Dr. Huff is "that guy". The guy that lights his house up like Disney Land. The guy that smiles so wide his dimples dance when he pulls out his IPHONE to show everybody a picture of his house. The guy that maybe isn't going green this Christmas. You know what, I don't care if Dr. Huff is taking enough electricity for 2 states to light his house brings me so much joy. We drove by last night and my girls we're just filled with wonder. So beautiful!!

  2. Nashville. They say this is the nicest town in America. They are not lying. Nashville is the nicest town in AMERICA. I love it here. It is a small town/big city. It has all the sports teams, shopping, great restaurants, the best medical community in the South, GREAT MUSIC, beautiful scenery, it is a spiritual center, has all 4 seasons...with not too much winter, and THE NICEST PEOPLE IN AMERICA. We moved here in 1998 and I'll be leaving when I go to live with the Lord.

  3. Matthew. He is my 17 month old nephew. He is the coolest little kid in America. He has a fro that they let grow WILD. I LOVE IT. His smile could light the world up... Just so thankful to have him in our lives.
December 09, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. Writing with my friend Josh and new friend Chanel today.  We got a great song!

  2. My friends the Sheehans.  Wednesday we got snow in Nashville then rain and then sunshine. It was one of those oddly beautiful days.  Amy Sheehan lost her dad that day around 1:30pm.  The exact time that the sun came out...  Long battle with Cancer.  I hate that word.  I mean I hate that word.  It is worse than any four letter word we have in the English language.   I have had family members die of C, and some live with C.  C sucks.  Last night was the viewing - today is the funeral.

    Her family was very strong and they know where her dad is right now.  There is no  pain, no anger, no tears, no hatred. no darkness. Revelation 21:4  He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”   And the Lord will be our light  Revelation 22:1-5  They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads. And night will be no more. They will need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they will reign forever and ever.  Sounds really cool...  In his final weeks Amy's dad talked about what he called "The Situation". The dying thing. He wanted to get on with the show... I'm sure he's getting some kind of welcoming party right now.

  3. Smiling faces. Okay who doesn't like a smiling face. It lifts your spirits. It's beautiful. It's light. One of my 2012 resolutions is to smile more.
December 08, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. Christa Wells and I just got done recording our first worship EP together. It is called Image of God and will be released Dec 23rd. For those of you that preordered I will be sending those out on the 26th. It will be a little after Christmas surprise in your mailbox!! For those of you that would like to preorder you can email me at I am extremely excited about this EP recorded with Jared Fox ( Andrew Ripp, City Harmonic) and Ben Phillips. If you would be interested in having Christa and I lead worship at your church or conference in 2012, email me here.

  2. Christmas parties...and still more Christmas parties. Tonight I met my friend Stacey to hit some of the Music Row Christmas parties. We stopped at the BMI tree lighting, saw a bunch of folks that I have not seen in so long, and then went over to the NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International). If you are a songwriter and are not familiar with these two organizations spend some time on their websites.

    NSAI got me to Nashville. I joined the Ft. Lauderdale chapter when we were living down in FL. I started sending my songs in and was asked in 1997 to come to Nashville and sing at one of their conferences. I never looked back. I have attended both of their song-camps and play every year for Tin Pan South held here in Nashville, usually the first week of April. They are champions for songwriters in DC and around the world. Please take a minute to check them out!

  3. Kids Christmas programs. Tonight was also my daughter's Christmas program at her school. I want to give a special shout out to Ms. Beth who is one of the best music teachers ever. The program was fantastic!!! Thank you Ms. Beth
December 07, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. My friend Megan is an awesome girl. Great singer, great songwriter, fitness instructor, beautiful soul, always...and I mean ALWAYS makes me laugh. I was writing at her house on Wed and Thursday of this week. In perfect Megan fashion she opened the door to her home, hugged me and asked me to come see her Christmas tree. Beautiful tree from the front, BUT if you walked around to the side view, the tree was leaning like Pisa. She had attached a hook to her ceiling and had tied dental floss from the ceiling to the tree to keep it from falling over. Imperfect is more interesting... imperfect is perfect.

  2. I have been teaching a couple of kids private songwriting class. Hannah is such a treat to teach. She is 11 and a brilliant kid. Comes up with words and lines for her songs that are just so interesting and different. This is a chorus from her song called "Frost Bite". She will be performing this for the Christmas recital on Sunday. We're gonna get a frost bite, frost bite. From having a snowball fight all night. The snow is cold but it's all right all right. We're gonna get a frost bite frost bite. Love it!

  3. I got confirmation recently that I have 3 songs on the new Point of Grace album due out this spring. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. First of all, these ladies are awesome. Second. these are my first CCM cuts. Third, I have never gotten 3 songs on one project EVER. Thank you POG I am forever grateful...
December 06, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. My parents. My parents just moved here last year from Florida. They live 4 miles from us and are close enough for "drop ins". Most people would start to break out in a rash if they mentioned their parents "Dropping by" all the time. Not me. My parents are cool. I actually want to be with them as much as I can. They are just awesome people. I am forever grateful to them for giving me not only life but teaching me how to live.

  2. Jimmy V's speech on the ESPN awards. I watch this speech every year. Every year I cry. Jimmy V has been dead now for almost 20 years. He was a basketball coach for North Carolina State that was known for being an awesome motivator. He died of cancer and this now famous speech came about 2 weeks before he died. He said there are 3 things that we need to do everyday 1.) laugh 2. ) think 3.) be emotional ( cry). He said if we do these three things then we will really live. He said it is important for us all to have dreams. Something that motivates us to get out of bed each morning. Old dreams new dreams just dream. If you haven't ever seen this speech look it up. Very moving.

  3. My new grey coat. I just love it. It has ruffles and ties at the waste. Very girly
December 05,2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. The Vanderpools. I just met this lovely couple a few weeks ago. He is a doctor and she is mama of 3. I don't think I have ever met anybody as "Light" as she. I don't think this woman ever stops smiling. They have set up medical missions in 14 countries. MMDR is the organization that they founded. He gives a huge portion of his practice dollars and 1 week out of each month to go to one of the locations to serve. We went in as a group and made Christmas stockings for 54 kids that had never had a Christmas before in Haiti.

    We hand-stitched their names on the stockings. They don't own anything with their names on it. A name is important. It is what people call us by. It can carry significant meaning in different cultures. It is used for legal documentation, and for these kids will mean the world to them that they will own something with their name on it. A name goes a long long way but it does NOT give us our identity. God gives us our identity. We are who we are through him. Not because of a name. Not because we have parents or we don't. Not because of what we do for a living. Not because of who our friends are. We are who we are because of him and through him.

  2. Fast cars: Okay I don't own one but one day I want to. I have a reoccurring dream every now and then where I'm driving a Sports Car at top speed through the desert. I guess there are no speed limits and no cops in my dreams apparently. There is something so free about pedal down, wind in your hair...okay maybe the sports car is a convertible little number...a blue sky and an open road. If you're wondering...yes....I have gotten a ticket or two in my lifetime.

  3. More Christmas parties. 3rd Christmas party of the month already. CRAZY! Monday night was a Christmas party thrown by the company I just signed with. It was SUCH a great night. I met a lot of new people. Awesome!
December 04, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. Emails from friends and strangers that are moved by music. It all begins with a song.

  2. Christmas parties with 10 girls that you love on a Sunday night talking talking and talking some more.

  3. My 14 year old dog that acts like a puppy on most days. One might think that we have been feeding him wheaties or super chow in his dog bowl for years but no... Just regular old dog food. At this rate he may out live all of us...

  4. My church. The people are amazing...
December 03, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. Little Black Puppies with light blue eyes. 3 of them today to be exact. So hard to pass that up...

  2. Playing my violin. I used in ear monitors for the first time tonight. I wasn't sure that it was going to go all that well but it was just fine. I LOVED playing with the band at Fellowship.

  3. Putting up the Christmas Tree. It took us awhile to get it straight. I mean you can't look at a crooked tree for 4 weeks sitting on the couch in front of the fire sipping on your favorite beverage. A crooked tree is like an elephant in the room.

  4. Crushed ice - although a very small thing - Crushed ice is so fun to chew. Although probably completely annoying to other people. I enjoy it IMMENSELY
December 02, 2011

Today's Thoughts of Thankfulness!

  1. Writing with my friend Paul Alan. He is a writer/artist at Word. An awesome writer and a huge talent. We went fishing and caught a big one today.

  2. My new project with Christa Wells called "Image of God" that is about 1 week away from being completed! I am very excited to have some new material to play when we go out!!

  3. A new dishwasher...I posted on FB a couple of weeks ago that I was going to have to "hand" wash my dishes until black Friday.  Reading that post now makes me break out in a rash.  Poor baby...I have friends that just got back from Haiti.  They talked about all the children that need medical care and just plain old running water that is safe.  Sometimes I hate my "Americanism".  I hate that I want to buy a new Christmas dress.  I hate that I love expensive food.  I hate that l love nice things.  I hate that we had the "Great Dish Standoff" for 3 weeks.  No one in the family wanted to do the dishes so it became the "Great Big Dish Pile.

  4. My 6 year old.  We were having dinner a week ago.  There was a 25 year oldish guy singing and playing piano.  He was playing all sorts of great cover tunes.  Anyway...he started in on "Here Comes The Sun".  My daughter in all seriousness leaned in and asked, "Mommy is he a Beatle?"  I could write a book now of "Birdisms".  Her nickname is Birdie. 
December 01, 2011

Recflections and Thankfulness!

I decided for the month of December to post some things that I am grateful for. I hope in this month, that everyone will take a moment to be grateful and reflect on their family, friends, faith, our country and the world.

  1. Starbucks Bold...Yikes confession time.  Yes I am a coffee snob.

  2. Writing with Cindy Morgan - if you are not familiar with this fantastic artist/songwriter look her up.  You will not be disappointed.

  3. Brentwood Benson/Universal Music I signed a new contract on Wednesday - Thank You God!!!

  4. Mercy Ministries Benefit in Nashville - It was a huge success last night.  Ali sat with us at our table.  A girl that had gone through the program here in Nashville.  Totally transformed by God.  Starting a new life in Atlanta.  Her story with many others last night amazed me.  Please take a moment and look at the Mercy website  If you would like to donate or have someone that could benefit from the program please email me!!

  5. My favorite cowboy boots - My mom gave them to me for Christmas 5 years ago. I have worn them so much I've worn the heels and toes down.  When it's cold and I don't want to wear heels, my trusty boots are the perfect thing.

  6. Christmas lights that work - Hung my Christmas lights on the house before I tested them...I know I should have plugged them in first...but they worked hallelujah!!
November 28, 2011

New Contract

Nicole signs an exclusive publishing contract with Brentwood Benson/Universal/Quick Witt Songs today! She will be a staff writer for their country, christian, pop and print divisions. It's gonna be an exciting 2012!

November 17, 2011

Midwest Tour

Sat, Nov 19, 2011, 7:00 pm (CDT) Private House Concert, Sully, IA
Sun, Nov 20, 2011, 9:30 am (CDT) Sully First Reformed Church, Sully, IA

Sully Poster
November 11, 2011

The East Coast Tour Travel Blog...

Sat. Oct 22nd: I just got back from an amazing tour up East. It started in Maryland on Oct 22nd. I flew to DC and spent the first night with an old friend Allison. She and Tristan got married on her parents property in Maryland. It was a beautiful day and wedding. So glad that I got to be there to witness these two tie the knot. The first marriage for both...a long time in coming. Their first dance was appropriately "At Last".

Sun, Oct 23rd: The next day I woke up and a new friend and I drove into DC. I met my long time friends Pat and Colleen at their new condo. They said they lived in downtown DC, BUT THEY LIVE IN DOWNTOWN DC ~ Dupont Circle to be exact. You could throw a rock at the White House.

White House

Thier new little boy Gus is the cutest kid in America...okay maybe my kids and my nephew are the CUTEST KIDS in America but he's definitely THE FOURTH cutest kid in America! We spent the afternoon going to see some of the monuments in DC. While we were out, I was determined to snap the Fitzgerald family Christmas Picture. Stay tuned...I'm not sure that I made the cut.

Pat, Colleen and Gus

I got to see Abe... my favorite President. Something about that honest thing has such a ring to it.

Abe Lincoln

Next we walked down to the Martin Luther King Memorial.

Martin Luther King

His quote: Do not drive out darkness, only light can do that. Do not drive out hate, only love can do that. 1963. Pretty profound. It's interesting to me that the light hit this picture in this way

Next we went down to the WWII Memorial.

WWII Memorial

Seeing these 2 Memorials, I pray that we NEVER NEVER repeat some of the mistakes of our past.

To end a perfect day, my friend Pat fixed us dinner and then we watched the Cards Game that night. We lost that night but won the World Series. YAY!! I am a Missouri girl you know...

Mon, Oct 24th: I boarded an Amtrak to Philly, PA

Am Track Station DC

I had so much fun on these trains. Talk about easy and stress free! My friends the Femino's picked me up and took me to dinner and over to the World Cafe. Elizabeth Elkins and Vanessa Olivarez the girls of Granville Automatic met me there.

For some reason we started The Don't Cry For Me Argentina official picture on each tour here we are. We played a show at The World Cafe that night. So fun.

The World Cafe

Jim Femino also rocked the house that night.

Tues, Oct 25th: We headed to NYC. I haven't been in a long time. IT. WAS. A. BLAST!! We wrote with a new writer Amanda Wheat at her loft. Crazy cool loft.

Amanda Wheat

When we finished up, we met my friend singer songwriter Jeff Cohen for a bite of dinner and then headed over to the Living Room. What a cool venue. You can not beat a white grand piano with a stick. So cool.

The Living Room NYC

Afterward we headed over to the National Underground to play a set with Jeff Cohen.

Nicole Witt and Jeff Cohen

This is a place that Gavin DeGraw owns with his brother. It was a lot of fun. The place was jam packed.

Although it was 11:30pm when we walked out of there, I could not leave NYC without seeing Ground Zero. I didn't care what time of night it was or how long it was gonna take to walk around it. It was pretty moving and I was pretty emotional. We got to see the church that stands next to Ground Zero. It was the place of George Washington's inaugural address. It survived a fire about 10 years later and survived Ground Zero. Not a trace of any damage to the church or the graveyard around the church. WOW.

Wed, Oct 26th: This day was awesome! I am a history geek. I had a chance to walk downtown Philly on foot all day long. I started to feel like I was filming an episode of "Where in the World Is Matt Lauer" except it was Nic Witt. I saw the Liberty Bell.

Liberty Bell

Independence Hall where the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence was signed. This room is where all the magic happened.

It's hard to even wrap your head around the fact that you are standing in the same room where they formed our country. That head chair is for none other then George Washington!! I saw where Ben Franklin is buried.

If this list of achievements does not fire you up I don't know what will. Ben had his printing company and at the age of 42 retired from that, and started inventing, writing, working in politics. Pretty cool. I also saw Christ Church where George Washington, Ben Franklin, William Penn, Betsy Ross and many others attended. I had to sit in George Washington's pew and pray for the world and our country.

Thurs, Oct 27th:  I jumped on the Amtrak again and headed to Harrisburg PA on Thursday to meet my friend and touring buddy Christa Wells.  We got to Harrisburg to perform at The Relevent Conference and spent the night sleeping.  10 hours to be exact.  There are a few things that have got to be just like of them is sleep!

The Relevant Conference

Christa, Deidra and me at The Relevant Conference
Christa, Deidra and me at The Relevant Conference

Fri, Oct 28th: We got to hear some of the leading Christian women bloggers and authors speak. They were just so inspiring. That night Christa and I gave a concert. It was beautiful to hear 250 women worshiping with you! Just amazing.

Sat, Oct 29th: We woke up very early to lead worship for the morning session. Although we were tired, it was a huge blessing to us to be a part of that. That afternoon as we loaded our equipment in the truck, we got to experience the first huge snowstorm in PA. 7 or 8 inches of snow fell in a very short time period.

We drove into York PA that afternoon to give a house concert at some old friends of Christa's. Aaron - Pastor of the City Church, and his wife Gail and their kiddos. It was a great night of music. When we got back around 11:30pm we got the chance to visit with our author and blogger friend Ann Voskamp. It was WAY TOO LATE when we all went to bed, but it's amazing how 3 women can talk and talk and talk some more...

Sun, Oct 30th: We woke up pretty early and spent most of the day driving to Charlotte NC. That night we had a house concert for SIMorg. This organization is just awesome. Our friends Dan and Corrie Linsz have been amazing to us. We have partnered with SIM many many times now to raise awareness and funds for them. They are now in 50 countries feeding, teaching, and healing.

Mon, Oct 31st: I boarded a plane to head home.

November 07, 2011

"Lyrics for Literacy, Come out Friday Night to Support a Great Cause!"

When: Friday, November 11, 2011
Time: 7:30-9:00 (CDT)
Location: Edmondson Elementary Gym, Brentwood, TN
Featured Artists:
Larry Boone
Holly Furman
Derrick George
Nicole Witt
November 02, 2011

Music For A Cure

Come out this Saturday night October 5th at the Listening Room. [map]

Musice for a cure.
October 27, 2011

East Coast Tour

Nicole's East coast tour continues with a concert Friday night at The Revelant Conference - Harrisburg, PA. Saturday night Oct 29th at a Private House Concert - York, PA and Sunday night Oct 30th 6pm at a Private concert for

October 24, 2011

Not To Miss Tour Dates!

Don't miss the East Coast Tour! Tonight 10/24/2011 at World Cafe Featured Artist in Philadelphia, PA and the 2 dates tomorrow night in New York City, NY. Guests will include Nicole Witt, Granville Automatic and Jeff Cohen. Check The Places page for full details.

October 11, 2011

"Wildflower" Hits Stores Today!!

"Wildflower" Lauren Alaina's new record hits stores today!! Track #2 "Growing Her Wings" was written by Nicole and her friend Nicolle Clawson. Go and get a copy... okay go and get several copies! Download "Growing Her Wings" on ITUNES or Amazon.

Nicole is shooting an EPK today with Patrick Tohill ( Michael Logen, Shaun Groves). Stay tuned...

October 9, 2011

Nicole Is Recording A New EP!

Nicole is in the studio this week recording a new EP with good friend and tour buddy Christa Wells Image of God produced by Jared Fox will be available for download very soon. Stay tuned...

September 30, 2011

Trains I Missed Wins Song of the Year!!

Last night at the International Bluegrass Music Awards at the Historic Ryman Auditorium, Nicole along with cowriters Walt Wilkins and Gilles Godard, took home Song of the Year honors! Balsam Range was there to help accept the award from presenters Sam Bush and Steve Martin!

It was one of the best nights of music in Nashville's history, honoring the late Bill Monroe's 100 anniversary of his birth - The father of Bluegrass Music! The award show aired live on XM and WSM radio. For a complete listing of all the winners from last night's awards go to

Acceptance Speech

A Few Pictures

Dan Hays (IBMA) and Mark Mason (BMI)
Dan Hays (IBMA), Nicole Witt and Mark Mason (BMI)
Jody Williams (BMI)
Nicole and Jody Williams (BMI)
Historic Ryman Auditorium
Historic Ryman Auditorium
International Bluegrass Music Awards!
International Bluegrass Music Awards!
September 28, 2011

Nicole will be playing Nashville's famed Bluebird Cafe tonight!

Nicole will be playing Nashville's famed Bluebird Cafe tonight Wed Sept 28th, 2011 @ 6pm as part of the International Bluegrass Music Awards (week) set to take place at the Ryman Sept 29, 2011. Her song "Trains I Missed" recorded by Balsam Range cowritten with Walt Wilkins and Gilles Godard is up for "Song of the Year" tomorrow night. Stay tuned and enjoy a video of Balsam Range singing "Trains I Missed"

September 25, 2011

Nicole's Song "Trains I Missed" Nominated Song of the Year!

We are pleased to announce Nicole's nomination for Song of the Year at the IBMA this year! Her song "Trains I Missed" that she co-wrote with Walt Wilkins and Gilles Godard was recorded by Balsam Range. They are also nominated for several other awards Emerging Artist and Album of the Year. See below for information on tickets. It will be broadcast on Sirius XM and Bluegrass Junction Channel 61.

The 2011 International Bluegrass Music Awards Show

Thursday, September 29 - 7:30 PM Central
The Historic Ryman Auditorium - Nashville, Tennessee USA ~ Hosted by SAM BUSH

Tickets are available by calling the Ryman Box Office at 615-889-3060 or order online thru TicketMaster

Song of the Year Nominees

  • “Help My Brother,” The Gibson Brothers (artists), Leigh Gibson (songwriter)

  • “I Am Strong;” The Grascals featuring Dolly Parton (artists); Jamie Johnson, Susanne Mumpower-Johnson, Jenee Fleenor (songwriters)

  • “I’ll Take Love,” Dale Ann Bradley with Alison Krauss & Steve Gulley (artists), Louisa Branscomb & Dale Ann Bradley (songwriters)

  • “Trains I Missed;” Balsam Range (artists); Walt Wilkins, Gilles Godard, Nicole Witt (songwriters)

  • “Walkin’ West to Memphis,” The Gibson Brothers (artists), Chris Henry (songwriter)

The International Bluegrass Music Awards

IBMA logoThe International Bluegrass Music Awards are voted on by the professional membership of the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA), which serves as the trade association for the bluegrass music industry. The IBMA Awards Show is the centerpiece of the World of Bluegrass Week September 26 – October 2 in Nashville, TN, which also includes the IBMA Business Conference and Bluegrass Fan-Fest.

For more information on World of Bluegrass week, including tickets to the International Bluegrass Music Awards, go to, join us on Facebook, or call 615-256-3222 (1-888-GET-IBMA).

The IBMA Awards will be broadcast live on Sirius XM Satellite Radio (Bluegrass Junction, Channel 61) and also will be syndicated to more than 300 U.S. markets and 14 foreign networks thanks to the sponsorship of Martha White, Deering Banjos, the International Bluegrass Music Museum, Bluegrass, Moonshine & The Birth of NASCAR – The Movie, Compass Records and the Academy of Bluegrass

September 13, 2011

Today Steve Holy Releases New Album "Love Don't Run"

Steve Holy released his new album "Love Don't Run" today (Sept 13, 2011). Nicole's song "Heart of a Hero" cowritten with Pat Bunch and Kelly Roland is track #5.

If you haven't had a chance to download the album or single yet: Buy lots of copies!!!!!!!! Spread the word!!!!!!!!!

~ Nicole

September 7, 2011

Nicole Heads to New England

Nicole heads up to New England this Thursday Sept 8, for a special concert at Smith College ~ North Hampton Mass. The Jittery Live show starts at 10pm with Chelsea Moriarty opening. Friday night will be a Songwriter Workshop 7-10pm ~ Raleigh NC w/Christa Wells ( GMA songwriter of the Year 2006 "Held") and Dale Baker (former drummer of the rock band Six Pense None The Richer). If you are interested in attending click here for more details.

Saturday night Nicole and Christa Wells will be sharing the stage at a private house concert in Raleigh NC and then Sunday night in Wake Forest at Grace Church ~ 6pm. This is a special 9/11 concert you won't want to miss! For more details

August 22, 2011

Bluebird Cafe ~ Nashville TN 8/20/2011

Hey y'all we played the Bluebird Cafe the other night and it was a blast! Always an honor to play there. The Bluebird is famous in Nashville. Although there were several local fans out, there were a lot of folks from all over the country. Granville Automatic, Pete Sallis and Tiffany Goss rocked it as always. I have some talented friends!!

Below is a video journal shot by Anna Kuoppamaki ~ enjoy

Coming to the Light - Connor/Wells/Witt

Trains I Missed - Godard/Wilkins/Witt

Rock N Roll Ya - Black/Paslay/Witt

Love You Like I Do - Wilhelm/Witt

August 19, 2011

Concert Dates Coming Saturday August 20, in Nashville

Nicole is playing 2 shows this coming Saturday August 20. Town Center Saturday in Brentwood, TN at noon.

UPDATE: Bluebird Cafe in Nashville TN at 6:30pm is SOLD OUT.

Brentwood Flyer
August 19, 2011

2011 International Bluegrass Awards: Song of the Year Nominee: Trains I Missed Artists: Balsam Range.

The title track, “Trains I Missed” – written by Walt Wilkins, Gilles Godard, and Nicole Witt – is a ballad about things not done in life, that leads you straight to what was supposed to be. “Trains I Missed” is one of those songs that helps define a moment in one’s life, as well as in one’s career. Original Source

A clip of Balsam Range's version can be heard at the original source. Their full verson can be heard right here on The Writer page. Enjoy!

August 9, 2011

Join Us This Friday, August 12, 2011, 6:30pm CST

Fellowship Bible Church
1210 Franklin Road
Brentwood, TN 37207 [map]

Kick off flyer
August 5, 2011

I wanted to share a new song lyric with you ~ Jason Walker/Nicole Witt. I am reminded tonight that He Can.

July 24, 2011

Summer Touring Continued...

I played in Memphis last weekend. Loved it! Got to see some old friends...long overdue

AND played at a really cool new venue called Escape Alley

with the girls from Granville Automatic

The next night we drove down to Birmingham to play at Moonlight on the Mountain. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful!

I am home in Nashville for awhile. I play the Bluebird Cafe this coming Tuesday night at 6pm. w/ Celia Whitler/Jonell Mosser/Pete Sallis. If you have not gotten a chance to experience the Bluebird come out Tuesday night and hear some great music!

Upcoming dates:

  • July 26, 6pm Bluebird Cafe w/ Celia Whitler/Jonnell Mosser/Pete Sallis ~ Nashville, TN (SOLD OUT)
  • Aug 12, 6:30 Fellowship Bible Church Women's kick off ~ Nashville, TN
  • Aug 20 6:30 Bluebird Cafe w/ Granville Automatic/Pete Sallis/Tiffany Goss ~ Nashville, TN
  • Aug 24th 9pm Kingston Springs Fillin' Station ~ Nashville, TN
~ Nicole
July 10, 2011

Don't Miss Our Upcoming Tour Dates!

Hey everybody! I hope you are having a wonderful summer. We have been taking the show on the road since the beginning of June. I - am - having - a - blast traveling and playing in all your different cities. To all those that came out to the shows, you've been great! Thank you.

Next up: This coming Saturday night July 16th I will be in Memphis @ Escape Alley Sundry 9:00pm. [map]

Sunday night July 17th, I will be in Birmingham at Moonlight on the Mountain. I'll be in concert with Granville Automatic. The show starts at 7:30. Tickets are $12 ~cash only at the door. [map]

I know why Willie Nelson wrote the song "On The Road Again".... The life I love is making music with my friends and I just can't wait to get on the road again.

God Bless,
~ Nicole

July 6, 2011

This past weekend was a blast!

This past weekend was a blast! I went to Atlanta on a 3 days run starting at Smith's Olde Bar.


That night was a lot of fun. I got to hear Atlanta based acts Jon McNicolas, Wes Cook, and Granville Automatic who also backed me up on my set. A very very fun night.

Stage           Video

The next night we opened the Mosier Brothers @ Eddie's Attic.


Probably Atlanta's most popular venue! Got to hang with Eddie a bit that night. It was a great show! Not a seat left in the house...

Nicole Witt

Saturday night July 2 was probably the coolest venue I have played yet. Chukkar Farms and Polo club was the setting. An old barn that they converted into a venue. About 275 people,

Chukkar Farms Croud

awesome music,

Mike Willis, Nicole Witt and James Casto
(Mike Willis, Nicole Witt and James Casto)

a beautiful sunset, friends and families with picnic baskets, fireworks going on behind us... It was almost like we had the fireworks on remote control!

Nicole Witt at Chukkar Farms

It was a great night and I hope to come back to Atlanta. Thank you for a Happy July 4th!!

~ Nicole

June 30, 2011

Last Minute Message!

I'm a little late with this blog. I wanted to get this out earlier in the week but alas there are only 24 hours in the day! This past weekend was a total blast! The summer tour took me to St. Louis MO. My. Old. Stomping. Grounds.

St. Louis Arch

Friday night I played at a little mom and pop winery in O'Fallon MO. Rendezvous Cafe and Wine Bar. I think every friend and family member that I have ever known from the St. Louis area came out! What a fun crowd and night.


Sunday night June 26th, I ventured up to Champaign IL. I met the girls from Granville Automatic for a summer concert in Hessel Park. We got lucky to get the whole concert in. Big time rain storm in the heartland!!

Nicole Witt 

The next night we played back in St. Louis at the Gramophone in the Grove. What a cool music venue!

 Gramophone Building

Granville Automatic opened the show and were awesome as ever!


Several college buddies came...Go MIZZOU!


Heading to Atlanta this weekend June 30, July 1 and July 2. Check out The Places page for more information. And the summer tour rolls on...

~ Nicole

June 20, 2011

Upcoming Mini Tour! Dates - June 24th, 26th, 27th.

I am so excited about this weekend! I will be coming through St. Louie, my old stomping ground for a mini tour. If you live in the area please come out!

  • June 24th Rendezvous Cafe and Wine Bar ~ O'Fallon, MO 8pm [map]

  • June 26th Champaign Summer Concert Series in Hessel Park ~ Champaign, IL 6:30pm w/ Granville Automatic [map]

  • June 27th The Gramophone ~ St. Louis, MO 7pm w/ Granville Automatic [map]

For further details and future tour dates visit The Places page.

~ Nicole

June 14, 2011

A Personal Note From Me

It is hard to put into words just how fantastic this weekend was. I am the most tired I have been in a long time but if I had the chance to do this weekend over I would 1000 times. Friday and Saturday were spent in Salem NC with myself, Christa Wells, Ann Voskamp

Christa Wells, Ann Voskamp, Nicole Witt

and 80 women from all over the country. It was an unbelievable time of fellowship and discovery.

It is my belief that Ann Voskamp is one of "God's poets".

Ann Voskamp

If you have not read her book "One Thousand Gifts" please do. Christa Wells music was beautiful as always. If you have not had a chance to listen to her new EP "How Emptiness Sings" you can purchase a copy at

Sunday was another fantastic day. I woke up in Chattanooga with my family in tow. I was featured artist of the day, so while they went and had breakfast, I played live on KZ106 with the incredible Walt Wilkins. Thank you Riverend Jim! We played a lunch hour show at 212 Market. Channel 3 was there to interview and do a clip for the upcoming evening show. I was able to relax and catch an IMAX movie with the fam and then went down to the Riverbend Stage for the show. It was a stage that was set up under a bridge. It. Was. The. Most. Awesome. Stage. In. The. History. Of. The. World.


Walt Wilkins, Liz Rose, Jeff Black, Jess Leary, Chas Sandford and myself played a 2 hour show. If I could just bottle that I would...

I am so excited about the upcoming summer tour dates. You can catch me in St. Louis June 24, 25, 26, 27 and Atlanta June 30 and July 2. Take a peek at The Places page at the top for more details.

For all of you that I met this weekend ~ Much Love...

~ Nicole

June 9, 2011

The Image of the Maker Retreat is here!

For all of those that are traveling to the retreat tomorrow be safe. Caraway Retreat Center 4756 Caraway Mountain Road, Sophia, NC 27350. [Directions] [Map] [More Infromation]

Ann Voskamp, Christa Wells and myself look so forward to meeting all of you!!

~ Nicole

June 6, 2011

Riverbend Festival - Chattanooga TN - June 12, 2001

Hey y'all I am playing Riverbend this coming Sunday night 7:30 on the TVFCU stage 6 Stools and 6 Strings (Riverfront Parkway, Chattanooga TN). Walt Wilkins and myself are both Riverbend Artists and of Day 6/12/2011. We will be down at 212 Market Street before the concert. Come and hang! It's gonna be fun!

Nicole Witt

Riverbend Festival - 6 Stool and 6 Strings (TVFCU Stage)
Location: Riverfront Parkway, Chattanooga TN
Time: ‎7:30PM Sunday, June 12th

~ Nicole

June 2, 2011

Attention! The Image of the Maker Retreat in Nashville, TN been cancelled.

The August 25 - 26, 2011 Image of the Maker Retreat in Nashville, TN, has been cancelled. No other retreat dates are on the calendar at this point - I know there are many who hoped to travel...praying about future possibilities...

For those that are coming to the event in NC June 10 and 11, 2011

It's just one week away! We are so excited and can't wait to see you there!

~ Nicole

May 22, 2011

Bourbon Was #88 on the Country Mediabase Chart This Week!

Mediabase is a music industry service that monitors what the radio stations are playing. Songs tracked on Mediabase can end up on Lon Helton's Country Countdown USA or Kix Brooks American Country Countdown once they get into the top 40.

Thank You to all my fans that voted in the People’s Voice Awards Contest!

Once Bourbon was submitted to the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) and won first place in the Country Music Genre, it was played last week on iheart Radio on “Discover and Uncover" for new and unsigned artists.

Please call and ask your local radio stations to play Bourbon by Nicole Witt... Tell them you heard the song on "Discover and Uncover". Let's get Bourbon played on Country radio! Woohoo!

Thank you again to everyone that has helped make this possible! My fans are awesome, you rock!!

~ Nicole

May 20, 2011

Ashley Gearing, "Five More Minutes" - Lyrics Uncovered

Ashley Gearing
Courtesy of Ashley Gearing

Newcomer Ashley Gearing is making a lasting impression with her new single, ‘Five More Minutes.’ The power ballad is a tune Gearing co-wrote along with Tiffany Goss and Nicole Witt three years ago, at the ripe age of 16.

“I was living at home in Massachusetts when we wrote this song,” Gearing tells Taste of Country. “I signed my deal with Curb when I was 16-years-old, but I decided I wanted to stay home and finish off high school and just be a normal girl before I moved to Nashville to pursue my music career full force. I’ve always been the type of person who totally believes in the experience … getting all those experiences in during high school and everything. It’s really helped me with my songwriting.”

“So while I was living at home in Massachusetts, I would commute back and forth to Nashville,”Gearing adds. “Since I was going to school, I couldn’t travel that much. So my publisher would actually send songwriters to Massachusetts to write songs with me for weekends at a time. He sent Tiffany and Nicole, who I hadn’t really met many times before. We were still kinda new to each other, but we were really excited to create songs. They were going to be with me the whole weekend, staying at my house. We bonded really quickly. We started writing a few songs, and we started talking a lot about life and experiences we’ve all had in our lives.”

“Nicole actually has two daughters and had been married for several years, so we were talking about that,” Gearing continues. “We were talking about the experiences of a 16-year-old girl because I was 16 at the time. So Nicole started telling us a story about how she brought her daughter to the American Girl doll store in New York City and how her daughter was so enthralled with everything in the store. When it came time to leave she gripped on to one of the dolls and said, ‘Please, Mom … just five more minutes!’ It was just amazing for Nicole because she saw in her daughters eyes that this is the most important thing in her life at that age. This was the only thing that mattered, and it’s so funny how over time, that completely changes. So we started talking about that and different experiences we’d all had and the song pretty much wrote itself.”

The lyrics of ‘Five More Minutes’ follow a young girl from her first boyfriend to her wedding day to her death bed, with each chorus pleading for just a little more time.

“But I need five more minutes / ‘Cause I ain’t ready yet / We’re out here counting stars / This night is as pretty as it gets / Please, Mama, don’t make him go / ‘Cause I need five more minutes / Five more minutes,” Gearing sings in the first chorus, as the young character’s mother is informing the girl it’s time for her boyfriend to leave for the night.

“We were writing it on the piano and guitar in my living room,” Gearing recalls. “My mom was bringing us food while we were writing it. It was definitely a memorable moment. The song has really taken on so much more meaning now that I’m away from my family traveling and living in Nashville, pursuing my dreams. I’m not always able to take them with me, so when I do have time to spend with them, I want to cherish it and make sure to get the best out of that small time I have. Everybody needs five more minutes … especially girls, when they are getting ready [laughs]!”

Original Source

May 18, 2011

Kasey Chambers Wins Grand Prize In International Songwriting Competition

Kasey Chambers

Australian singer-songwriter Kasey Chambers has earned the Grand Prize for this year’s International Songwriting Contest, an annual event open to both aspiring and established songwriters. Chambers wrote the winning song, “Beautiful Mess,” about parenthood.

Says Chambers: “I honestly can’t believe it. When I entered the International Songwriting Competition, I didn’t think I even had a chance being up against songwriters from all over the world…I thought it would be fun to enter anyway. I’ve heard about the competition for a while, but it’s the first time I’ve ever entered. What a buzz knowing that the judges were artists/songwriters such as Tom Waits, Ben Harper, Peter Gabriel, and Rihanna. Winning with the song “Beautiful Mess” makes it even more special as it’s a song I wrote for my two boys, Talon and Arlo. Guess I’d better buy them an ice cream.”

Other big winners include Nashville’s Nicole Witt (Country), Toronto’s Tucker Finn (Folk/Singer-Songwriter), and Kahn Morbee of the South African band The Parlotones (Rock).

For information on the 2011 International Songwriting Contest, visit

May 12, 2011

Nicole Wins 1st Place Country Genre In International Songwriting Competition!

I think most songwriters would agree that there are songs you write that are just songs, and then there are songs that you write that are your babies. Maybe it's because you can feel God has his hand all over it. I just found out that a song written by me, Kris Bergsnes and Robin Haley called "Bourbon" won the International Songwriting Competition - Country Division. I am so grateful...

There was an unbelievable cast of judges for this competition. Some of the artist judges: Kelly Clarkson, Timbaland, Jeff Beck, Kings of Leon, Rihanna, Peter Gabriel, Train, Ben Folds, Jerry Lee Lewis, Regina Spektor, Joe Nichols, Jeremy Camp, Adele, Craig Morgan, Michael W. Smith.

Some of the judges from the industry: Ric Arboit Pres of Nettwerk Music, Lisa Ramsey Perkins Senior Director of A&R Sony Nashville, Brad Schwartz MTV Group, Amanda Ghost President of Epic, Monte Lipman Pres and CEO of Universal Republic Records. You can click on this link to find the winners in all genres.

Peace... Nicole

May 5, 2011

On Discover and Uncover 5/15 Jonathan Rush Features Nicole's Song Bourbon!

Jonathan Rush from IHEART radio recently heard Nicole's recording of her song Bourbon (Witt/Bergsnes/Haley). He will be featuring it on the new Discover and Uncover show on 5/15. It will broadcast to 50 Clear Channel country stations across the US. The show will air Sunday night between 10 and 11pm and locally on WSIX here in Nashville!


May 4, 2011

Nicole is playing with Christa Wells tonight 5/4/11, 7pm Central on USTREAM!

Nicole will be playing with Christa Wells tonight 7pm central on USTREAM. Sign up for free and log into USTREAM!!

Christa Wells
This Wednesday night, sing along in your PJs, and bring the whole family. We're broadcasting from Nashville at 8/7central on uStream. Your ticket is free - just log in from the comfort of your computer!

Christa Wells

Just click the link below at show time 7pm Central.

Christa Wells: Live from the Living Room on Ustream

Hope you enjoy!

Arpil 26, 2011

Nicole is playing the opening day of The Chattanooga Market

Nicole is playing the opening day of The Chattanooga Market. Sunday, May 1st at 12:30pm at the following location. To download a personal copy of the official flyer click the following link Chattanooga-Market-Flyer.pdf

First Tennessee Pavilion
1829 Carter Street
Chattanooga, TN 37408 [Map and Directions]

Come down and enjoy live music, great food and a fantastic farmer's market!

April 11, 2011

Going on Tour with Granville Automatic Next Week!

Going on tour next week with some new friends Granville Automatic ~ Whoop whoop

April 13th 6:00 pm Charlotte, NC Private House Concert
April 14th 8:30 am Charlotte, NC SIM Chapel
April 14th 8:00 pm Columbia, SC The White Mule
April 15th Time TBA Macon, GA The Rookery
April 16th 12:00 pm Atlanta, GA Roswell Day of Hope
April 16th 3:00 pm Atlanta, GA Atlanta Dogwood Festival
April 07, 2011

Christa Wells has just released her new EP "How Emptiness Sings"

A good friend of Nicole's, Christa Wells has just released her new EP "How Emptiness Sings". It is an amazing collection of songs for the soul.

You can find the album a the ITUNES Store on ITUNES and Amazon You will not be disappointed!

April 07, 2011

Going on Tour with Granville Automatic Next Week!

Going on tour next week with some new friends Granville Automatic ~ Whoop whoop

Charlotte NC:  April 13 Private House Concert - 6:00 pm
Charlotte NC:  April 14 SIM Chapel - 8:30am
Columbia SC:  April 14th The White Mule 8pm
Macon GA:     April 15th The Rookery
Atlanta GA:    April 16th 12:00 pm Roswell Day of Hope
Atlanta GA:    April 16th Atlanta Dogwood Festival 3pm

April 01, 2011

Thank You All for Voting in The People's Voice Contest!

Voting has ended and the winner will be announce in April. We will post the results as soon as we receive the information. Thank all of you for your participation.

March 22, 2011

Ashley Gearing

Ashley Gearing's "Five More Minutes" made it's debut on country radio yesterday. Nicole co-wrote this song with Tiffany Goss and Ashley 3 or 4 years ago when Ashley was still a high school student up in Springfield, Mass.  It was added to many stations across the country but we need your help calling your local radio station!! Help us get this song all the way to the top.

March 22, 2011

Five More Minutes

Nashville, TN (Top40 Charts/ AristoMedia) Curb Records recording artist Ashley Gearing has released her sophomore single to Country radio, a stirring and emotionally-charged new ballad titled "Five More Minutes."

Gearing co-wrote "Five More Minutes" with Tiffany Goss and Nicole Witt, which was produced by renowned industry veteran Byron Gallimore (Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Sugarland). Gearing has been working with Gallimore on her debut album for Curb Records, due out later this year.

"Ashley continues to mature every time we go into the studio together," said Byron Gallimore. "Five More Minutes is just another step in her evolution as a country superstar and I am thrilled to be associated with her as both a performer and a songwriter."

The beautifully written "Five More Minutes" showcases Gearing's soaring vocals and delivers a poignant message about the speed at which life can pass. Gearing co-wrote the song with Goss and Witt during their first-ever writing session, when Ashley was still a high school student in Massachusetts.

"We wrote this song a little over three years ago and it still holds just as much meaning to me today as it did when we first wrote it. The message of the song is about the special moments in life that one should cherish because you can't always have five more minutes," said Gearing. "As I've gotten older and have become busier with my music career and everyday life, the song has taken on an even stronger meaning. I am so excited to be able to share this song with my fans and with country radio."

"Five More Minutes" follows Gearing's 2010 debut single, "What You Think About Us." The 19-year-old singer splits her time between furthering her education at Belmont University in Nashville and on the road touring to promote her music.

March 12, 2011

Image of the Maker Retreat - Important Notice

Dear friends

If you registered for the Image of the Maker Retreat being held in North Carolina June 10-11, you have received a confirmation email through Eventbrite.  Please check to be sure you did receive an email confirmation stating you completed the registration process.  

Names added to the wait list either before or after the open registration period did not result in retreat registration and will not allow you access to the event.  

As much as we'd love to have every beautiful one of you share in the weekend, we are obligated to limit the number of guests to the number of rooms available.  Therefore, only fully registered guests with room reservations will be able to attend the sessions.

So very grateful for your understanding...if you missed this one, please stay tuned!  We are prayerfully hoping to add another retreat date to the calendar in the near future!
March 9, 2011

Nicole is a finalists for the International Songwriting Competition

Nicole is one of the finalists for the International Songwriting Competition for her song Bourbon (country division) that she cowrote with Kris Bergsnes and Robin Haley. The winners will be announced in late April. Good luck Nicole!!!

Finalists were chosen from over 15,000 entrants, making this an extraordinary achievement.

All finalists' songs have now been sent to the ISC celebrity judges who will select the winners. They will announce the winners in late April or early May as soon as the results are in. In the meantime, they have a seperate contest called the People's Voice'.

People's Voice

People's Voice is - an online voting contest that allows the public to listen to all the finalists' songs and vote for their favorite one. People's Voice is separate from, and in addition to, the winners selected by ISC's judges. The song receiving the most votes will be crowned the People's Voice winner, and the songwriter will win more than $1,500 in prizes and bragging rights!. Be sure to tell all your friends, family, and fans, so that they can vote! Voting is currently underway and you can vote once a day. Let's get those votes in. The link to vote is as follows.

Thanks for voting and remember you can vote once everyday, so please vote as often as you can!

March 3, 2011

Five More Minutes

"Five More Minutes" is coming to your local radio station stay tuned!!!!! 
March 21st is the official "Go For Adds" date for Ashley Gearing's single "Five More Minutes". This is a song that she cowrote with Nicole and Tiffany Goss.  WHOO WHOO!!! 
February 14, 2011

"In The Image of the Maker" Conference

We are so excited to post the "In The Image of the Maker" Conference. 

Hosted by singer/songwriters Christa Wells & Nicole Witt and author/speaker Ann Voskamp, this conference is for women, ages 15-100, who make.  

This is the link to the evite.  Space is limited make your reservation today! 
February 12, 2011

Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis - Feb 18th & 19th

Next weekend Feb 18th & 19th Nicole will be traveling to the Folk Alliance conference in Memphis.  If you are going to be there and would like to catch her play, she will be jamming with Eric Brace and Peter Cooper from Red Beet Records - 1:45am on Friday and Saturday night.  

Also for all of you Nashvillians, Nicole has just added a date at Douglas Corner Monday, Feb 28th at 6pm.

Come on out!!!

February 02, 2011

Nicole Is A Nominee For eWorlds Online Talent Award

Nicole Witt has made it as one of the Online nominees for the eWorld Music Awards and you can cast your vote for her online. The Online winners will be decided by the number of fan votes they receive online through the Boomerang Media Station™. Which is kind of a cool program for it's own purposes, but you will need this software installed in order to vote for Nicole for the eWorlds Music Awards online talent.

The VIP After Party is where Nicole Will play if she is an online winner. We need all the votes we can get.

For full details on how to install, use, and vote with the software visit the Nicole Witt Fan Club

Voting ends February 11, 2011. There's no time to lose! VOTE TODAY!

January 16, 2011

30A Songwriting Festival Update

Yesterday was a blast!!!  We are down at the beach doing what we do... doing what we love to do.  Singing and writing songs.  I wrote a song yesterday with 4 close buds...Joe Leathers, Bryan White, Pete Sallis and Karyn Williams.  I know right: does it really take 5 people to write a song?  No, but we all sat down on the couch and it just started rollin'.  I have learned just roll when it starts rollin'!!!

I played last night at the Rosemary Beach Town Hall with Joe Leathers, Bryan Davis and Ben Glover.  Let me tell you these guys have got it going on.  Joe has the title track of Kenny Chesney's current record called "Hemingway's Whiskey"  Ben was ASCAP Christian Songwriter of the Year...Of the Freakin' Year!  Really a big deal.  I was blessed last night!

I'm getting ready to go to church at the pool today.  Some of the friends I mentioned above have a concert at 11:00am at Caliza in Alys Beach.  I will be there tonight at 9:30pm with Joe Leathers, Billy Montana and Bryan Davis.  

FYI from the song we wrote yesterday..."You gotta do whatcha do whatcha do whatcha gotta do so you can do whatcha do whatcha do whatcha wanna do"...  I. Wanna. Sing. And. Play. Music. With. My. Friends.


January 14, 2011

The Official Nicole Witt Fan Club Opens Early!

The New Official Nicole Witt Fan Club site,, is now open and excepting registrations for membership. Nicole's looking forward to being able to communicate with you through the forum.

You'll also want to enter the first contest. The prize is an AT YOUR OWN HOME CONCERT! That's right, you'll win a personal performance at YOUR home for you, your friends and family. That alone is worth the cost of membership, think of it as a lottery that someone WILL win.

Wait no longer, Sign Up Today!

January 10, 2011

30A Songwriting Festival this Weekend Jan 14th-16th!

Nicole will heading down to the 30A Songwriting festival this weekend. Jan 14th-16th. Schedule for the event is coming soon!!

30A Songwriting Festival this Weekend
January 9, 2011

Coming January 15, 2011!
The New Official Nicole Witt Fan Club!

The New Official Nicole Witt Fan Club site,, will make it's debut and be open for membership registration on Jan 15th, 2011. We are so excited to share this with you. There will be contests, games, member's only forum, fan club merchandise, music and more, but you can only see it if you have a membership. Check out the full details of club membership.

We're just starting out and are looking forward to fan participation to make you the best fan club we can. There's a suggestion box in the forum and we look forward to your input.

Sign up before Feb. 28th for a discounted membership. Check it out!!!! Vote in the poll!!

~ Nicole

January 3, 2011

Happy New Year Everybody!!

Happy New Year everybody!! To kick off 2011 Nicole will be performing at the 30A Songwriting Festival in Rosemary Beach, FL. The festival starts next Friday Jan 14th-16th.

Tickets are available at

Read this press release about the event.

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