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Mercy Ministries
December 07, 2009

Nicole Heads Out on the Love Makes Music Christmas Tour

Nicole is getting ready to head out to North Carolina for her Love Makes Music Christmas Tour. She will be joining her good friends Christa Wells and Dale Baker for a run through Raleigh, Greenville, Wilmington and Statesville NC. She will also be playing live on Christian Radio in Richmond VA 7am Dec 15th.

Tune in if you have the chance at American Family Radio 89.7 FM!! Click Here to listen live. Click on The Places page to view other upcoming venue dates.

November 11, 2009

Ednita Nazario Tops Latin Albums Billboard Chart

Puerto Rican singer Ednita Nazario debuts on top of the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart with her album "Soy" (Sony Latin), notching the highest first week sales for a female Latin act so far this year.  Nicole Witt's song "Dos Eternidados" Track #7 is on this album.  Download #7 this week on ITUNES!!

October 29, 2009

Michelle's Angels Foundation, Inc.

Nicole Witt is the featured artist for Michelle's Angels Foundation for the fall of 2009.  You can click on this link to view the website

October 29, 2009

Ednita Nazario's Album is #2

Ednita Nazario, whose album Nicole has a song that she wrote, (Dos Eternidados) was released this past Tuesday (Oct 27, 2009).  This morning the album is currently #2 on the latin itunes charts!!!!

October 14, 2009

Run for Mercy

Y'all if you don't know about the Run For Mercy you should! Mercy Ministries is a home that has helped hundred of girls over the years come out of addictions, overcome abuse and learn to love themselves through a faith based approach. The... run is Oct 24th at 9:00am at Edwin Warner Park. There will be a kids zone with face painting, free smoothes and Chik-fil-A. To register or give to this cause go to or call 615.831.6987.

Run for Mercy (© 2009 Mercy Ministries of America)



June 27, 2009

Mercy ministries...

Ya'll Thursday I had the opportunity to meet some of the staff at Mercy Ministries.  What amazing people!!  I came to know this organization last year when a friend of mine asked me to go to their 25 anniversary night of celebration.  I did.  I have not been able to get Mercy out of my mind since that night.   This is an organization that was started by Nancy Alcorn 26 years ago.  For her story and information about Mercy you can go to

They house woman from age 13 to 28 that have depression, have been abused, have drug or alcohol issues, eating disorders, cutters, etc.  They take these woman and show them God's unconditional love.  To take from their information packet, "the structured program that Mercy Ministries provides is designed to develop and foster each girl in the areas of spirituality, emotional and physical well-being, and life-skills." 

A typical day consists of Praise and Worship, class, fitness, counseling, education and study hall.  These girls live in the house for around 6 months until they are ready to graduate.  There are over 600 woman on a waiting list to get into one of their facilities.  If you have time to give or are able to give a financial gift of any kind, again please contact them at   Lives are being saved!  The success rate is very high.   Lives are being transformed.  Hope restored.


June 27, 2009

Leanne Morgan

Y'all I stopped into Zannies the other night to catch my friend Leanne Morgan.  She is so fabulously funny.  We met in Rosemary Beach at a show this Jan.  She has asked me to open a show for her in Morristown Tn. in August.  What a cool concept mixing music and comedy.  Anyway if you get the chance check her out at or catch her when she come to your town!!

June 11, 2009

Writing songs, shows and the memphis police...

A. Today was cool! I wrote a song with my friend Jared Blake. This song might see some life very soon. Stay tuned for a possible video and Jared break dancing across America. Coming to a club near you...

B. I am having a blast playing with this band and all of my friends. The band rocks!!!!!!!! This past 6 weeks I have been to Jackson Tn, Atlanta Ga, Tampa, Fl, and Greenwood, MS. I will be in Charlotte NC July 9th, Nashville July 16th, back to Charlotte Aug 14th and to Morristown Tn Aug 21st. I love to write songs BUT there is nothing and I repeat nothing as awesome as singing and feeling the energy and people in a crowd from stage. I love to meet new people, always come up and say hi if you come out to a show!!

C. And penchant for driving fast. Frankly it's been a bit of a problem my whole life. YES. I admit I have a speeding problem. BUT I was clear and clean now for gosh about 4 years until... Sunday morning. I was driving back from MS rocking along. I was of course talking to my good friend not paying attention to my speed when. SIRENS. Memphis police. I was caught going 83 in a 70. I hung up the phone, my friend Celia told me she would pray that the cop did not give me a ticket. He walked up, asked for my license, and said "I am not gonna give you a ticket only a warning. Slow down." Wow I breathed a sigh of serious relief. Thank God!! I am wondering if my friend Celia has a direct line to the big Man...


June 05, 2009

Troubadour Goes Platinum!

Hey everybody, just want to announce that George Strait's album Troubadour, featuring a song I wrote for him called Brothers of the Highway, went platinum this week.


May 24, 2009

On the Road Again

This past weekend I played 2 shows in Atlanta at the Swallow at the Hollow.  It's a 4 hour trip from Nashville, not bad at all unless your accelerator in your 99 Pathfinder decides to go out in the left hand lane of highway 75.  We somehow got the car pulled all the way over to the shoulder.  I called triple A and about 45 minutes later Caleb came with his tow truck.  We put four people in the tow truck and started driving literally into the side of a mountain in the East Ridge, Tn.  He said he was gonna take a "Short Cut" to the shop.  When we got there (it seemed like a 47 minute 6 mile drive) Vernon the mechanic fixed our car.  Anyway $820 later we had a brand new distributor.  They were very sweet people at the shop.  They stayed an hour later on a Friday night to accommodate us.  Thank you!!

Randomly while we were waiting we could have done some shopping... there were people selling white tube socks and Elvis paintings on the corner of the street.

There is nothin' you can do in this situation except laugh.  I missed the sound check all together BUT got to Atlanta with enough time to check into the hotel and get to the venue.

On Wednesday we are headed to Tampa!  I can't wait.  This particular trip I am flying the friendly skies.  Probably a good thing...


May 20, 2009
Guitars and Stuff

Y'all I just started playing guitar about 8 months ago. I am a keyboard and fiddle player and FRANKLY I just got tired of carrying the mother ship (Yamaha Motif keyboard) on all of my gigs. I have a friend of mine that has been teaching me some of my own songs. Now I can not get enough of the guitar. I think I could leave this life as I know it and play a red hot electric guitar in a rock band. Okay...not really 1. I like my life 2. I really don't play guitar well enough yet to leave my bedroom. I'm just a guitar legend in my own mind...


May 07, 2009
A Normal Day in Nashvegas

Today was a very typical day here in Nashvegas. I wrote with my buddy Steve Dean (Watching You for Rodney Atkins). We started a very cool song BUT we also got to hang with miss Tiffany Goss, Shannon Lawson and Eddie Raven. That is what is so great about this town. We just bumped into these people. I had never met Mr. Raven but boy let me tell you the man NEEDS to write a book. Holy cow the stories that were dropping in this short amount of time. He's lived 9 lives!!

I have a Stone Cold Meeting tonight! I am getting so excited about the upcoming tour. It is building steam and we are coming to a city near you soon!!


May 03, 2009
Back from Key West

I just got back from Key West. I played a really fun show Thursday night with Chris Barron (the lead singer of the Spindoctors) and Bonnie Bishop. I have posted a song or too on Youtube and my myspace page. Check it out!! It was so fun. I got to meet and see a lot of great artists and songwriters. It was 80 degrees plus everyday AND I became "moped girl". I want to buy one now!!

I got in about midnight Saturday night and played a benefit last night for the YMCA. Christa Wells and Billy Montana were on the show with me. They were awesome!! Christa wrote "Held" for Natalie Grant and won songwriter of the year 2006. She is getting ready to embark on an artist career as well. check here out on myspace.

April 30, 2009
Key West...

Just flew into Key West last night for he annual BMI function down here. I got to my hotel around 10 put my stuff in the room and ran down to catch the first show which was my good friend Lee Brice with two great singer songwriters Sunny Sweeney and Lucy Silva. It was a fantastic show.

I also met Chris Barron (the lead singer of the Spin Doctors) last night. What an awesome guy!! We are playing a show together tonight at 8pm@The Rum Barrel. Should be awesome. Bonnie Bishop will also be joining us. I can't wait!! It is beautiful here!!

January 19, 2009
Happy New Year!

2009 is kicking off to be a great year!! Nicole has a bunch of shows coming up so be sure to check out her tour dates page!

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